Loftus Hall’s Historic Walled Gardens

In as early as 1864 a contemporaneous historian wrote that Henry Loftus, whilst improving and repairing the former Redmond Mansion House, “had enclosed his gardens with high stone walls to preserve some fruit trees newly planted there”. This tantalising account, though short, has prompted further investigation and research into the beautiful stone-walled gardens, prior to a planned replanting which will begin in Spring 2016. Due to the extensive heritage of the gardens, historical accuracy will be a priority.
The gardens, consisting some five acres, will therefore be reinstated incrementally, working with the policy of ‘restoration in the spirit of the period’. Such plants and trees which have survived will be carefully preserved, and further plantings will adhere as closely as possible to the original maps and research results. The walls are still in a high state of conservation, and luckily some of the original garden ornaments still remain on the property.
We hope our guests and visitors look forward to following the development and progression of our stunning walled gardens, and we look forward to welcoming horticultural enthusiasts to Loftus Hall to see and experience the development of the gardens for themselves.