May 2015 Hot Press Magazine Feature


Hook Head, New Ross, Co. Wexford
Tel: (051) 397 728

Ireland’s most haunted house, Loftus Hall has almost 666 years of history and heritage to intrigue, spook and scare even the most hardened of cynics; now everyone from paranormal enthusiasts to visiting families can experience the paranormal goings-on in Co. Wexford. Daytime and night-time tours have sent shivers down spines of all who enter, and the testimonies of the hardy souls who’ve ventured into the ancient house speak volumes. Two paranormal investigation Lockdowns have been hosted this year, revealing a number of unexplainable findings. The Irish Ghost Hunters team who led the investigations reported major temperature drops and jumps in the electro-magnetic fields; those energies have also been reported flowing through the tours. Do you have what it takes to brave the maniacal mansion? Take a deep breath, then take a leap of faith… and keep your fingers crossed!